Bruce Lee May Have Died Due To Drinking Too Much Water; Know More About Hyponatraemia

The legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee, died on the age of 32 on July 20, 1973. About 50 years after his loss of life, scientists have now claimed that he could have died due to “consuming extreme water.” Until now the medical doctors believed that his demise was induced on account of cerebral oedema, swelling within the mind introduced on as a result of a painkiller. Based on the researchers, the oedema was induced due to hyponatraemia. Their research printed within the Medical Kidney Journal contends that Bruce Lee died as a result of his kidneys had been “not eliminating additional water.”

As per current research and findings, hyponatraemia could also be the reason for his loss of life. It’s introduced on when somebody drinks extra water than needed and the sodium ranges in a single’s physique get diluted. Because of this, the cells within the physique, significantly those within the mind get swollen as a result of an imbalance. Based on the journal, the conclusion that the scientists acquired to was- “We hypothesize that Bruce Lee died from a selected type of kidney dysfunction: the lack to excrete sufficient water to take care of water homeostasis, which is principally a tubular perform.”

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Whereas including to the identical, they mentioned, “This will result in hyponatraemia, cerebral oedema (mind swelling) and loss of life inside hours if extra water consumption shouldn’t be matched by water excretion in urine, which is consistent with the timeline of Lee’s demise.”

For the unversed, Enter The Dragon star Bruce Lee, performed an important function in serving to carry martial arts into well-liked tradition. He’s deemed to be probably the most influential martial artist of all time. Furthermore, a popular culture icon of the twentieth century. One in all Bruce Lee’s main philosophies was to ‘Be water my pal’. The researchers mentioned that mockingly extra water seems to have premature killed Lee.

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