Myths and Facts About HIV and AIDS One Should Know

WORLD AIDS DAY 2022: World Aids Day is noticed yearly on December 1 yearly since 1988 as a day devoted to elevating consciousness about AIDS illness and its prevention. Individuals who have misplaced their lives to this lethal illness attributable to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are remembered and mourned on at the present time.

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Found first in 1981, the HIV virus to this point has claimed over 36 million lives globally. The virus instantly assaults the immune system of an individual and weakens their means to combat again any sort of an infection and sickness. It slowly destroys the performance of immune cells making the particular person immune poor.

Probably the most superior stage of an HIV an infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS which takes about two to 5 years to develop if not handled on time. One of many largest hardships confronted by AIDS sufferers is the social discrimination that they should undergo of their journey.

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Regardless of years of analysis on the illness and plenty of consciousness programmes run by governments and organizations like WHO, there’s nonetheless a big inhabitants dwelling with heavy misconceptions about this illness. Individuals nonetheless imagine in myths relating to the methods the illness spreads which frequently results in social discrimination in opposition to AIDS sufferers.

To watch out a few illness does no hurt to anybody however to discriminate AIDS sufferers primarily based on false impression and rumours makes their already robust troublesome battle harder for them. As we observe the World Aids Day 2021 in the present day, we take a look at a few of the main myths and check them in opposition to the realities

Fantasy 1: HIV is similar as AIDS

Individuals usually use HIV and AIDS interchangeably which isn’t right. Plenty of sufferers who get contaminated by HIV might not develop AIDS. The HIV an infection, if not handled well timed, advances into AIDS but when the proper steerage and medical assist are given on time, this improvement will be managed.

Fantasy 2 – AIDS can unfold by touching, sharing meals or doing different common social actions with AIDS sufferers

This can be a full hoax. It has been repeatedly reemphasized by medical doctors and researchers that HIV can solely be transmitted by the alternate of bodily fluids from contaminated folks similar to blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal secretions. It may’t unfold by air, water, saliva, tears or the sweat of an individual which isn’t blended with the blood of an HIV optimistic affected person. It absolutely doesn’t unfold by common social interplay.

Fantasy 3 – HIV optimistic mom will at all times move on the virus to her child

Whereas it’s fairly a risk that an HIV optimistic mom might move on the virus to her child throughout being pregnant, nonetheless, it’s not a given. The transmission will be protected.

If a pregnant lady is recognized with HIV an infection, she is given treatment that helps to guard the infant from the an infection. The medicines examine the multiplication of the virus within the mom’s physique and therefore scale back the probabilities of mom to little one transmission

Fantasy 4- If each companions are HIV optimistic, there’s no want to make use of safety

HIV infections have a number of strains so there’s at all times a danger of reinfection and superior an infection. This may increasingly make the situation of an already contaminated particular person worse. Moreover, there’s additionally a danger of catching different sexually transmitted illnesses like herpes.

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