‘My life is worth more than $750,000,’ says man who spent 44 years in prison in wrongful conviction

Ronnie Long spent 44 years in a North Carolina jail for a criminal offense he didn’t commit, now he’s preventing a legislation that claims he’s solely owed $750,000.

In 1976, Long was falsely accused of raping a white girl and an all white jury sentenced him to life in prision on grounds of rape and housebreaking. After sustaining his innocence all through and pursuing a collection of appeals that had been subsequently denied, the court docket discovered him not responsible and he was pardoned by the governor in December 2020.

Due to his innocence and wrongful conviction, the state legislation requires that he be paid for the time that he spent in jail, i.e. $50,000 a yr. However, the quantity was capped at $750,000. Long believes that he deserves extra.

“He was in a cage when both his parents died; when his son had birthdays and graduations. He lost everything for those 44 years, and certainly he deserves more than he has received,” Jamie Lau, Long’s former felony lawyer, advised CNN.

“How is my case the same as someone who is exonerated with DNA? How can you say my life is only worth $750,00? There should never be a cap on someone’s life,” Long mentioned.

Lau argued that the legislation must be up to date since Long isn’t the primary individual to face this destiny. He mentioned that the compensation statute as an entire ought to be revisited as at present the governor has full authority over whether or not one receives compensation or not. According to Lau, the method shouldn’t be political and wrongfully convicted individuals ought to have a good shot at compensation.

Since his launch, Long says that he’s pleased to have loving individuals round him. He purchased his dream automotive, a Cadillac, and he and his spouse are planning to purchase a home.

“Now I’m living, I’m back amongst the living. I am living, walking testimony of a second chance.” Long advised CNN.

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