Decoded: Can you conceive while being already pregnant?

The anatomy of the human physique by no means fails to shock with researches and research usually revealing newer issues about it. Recently in a rarest of uncommon instances, a girl from California bought pregnant whereas she was already pregnant — ensuing within the start of dual infants. The lady had earlier agreed to be a gestational surrogate mom for a Chinese couple however quickly came upon that she was pregnant with non-identical twins. Tests confirmed that each kids had two totally different units of fogeys.

The talked about case is an instance of superfetation which suggests getting pregnant whereas being already pregnant in the identical cycle. So how does it happen and what dangers does it trigger for mom and baby/ren? Dr Ruby Sehra, senior marketing consultant, gynaecology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute shares some insights.

What is superfetation?

In basic instances, ovulation in girls will get restricted proper after they conceive, which reopens after the prevailing being pregnant cycle will get a closure. Also, sure hormonal adjustments don’t enable one other embryo to develop. But in some uncommon instances, ovulation stays open for few days even after girls conceive. If, throughout this era (inside 10 days), such girls have sexual activity, then there’s a risk of the incidence of one other foetus and its growth. It is extra like further ovulation. Also, typically instances, the skinny layer of the endometrial line doesn’t let one other foetus enter the already growing embryo, however in uncommon instances, it efficiently penetrates by way of it and begins growing. Hence kids born out of such situation are twins however not equivalent.

Unlike superfetation, in superfecundation, the timing of second intercourse differs.(Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Superfetation and superfecundation

This is one thing most individuals have confusion about. Unlike superfetation, in superfecundation, the timing of second intercourse differs. It happens with identical day ovulation with two totally different fathers, whereas in superfetation, the second ovulation can happen even weeks aside.

Is there any danger to mom or baby?

Although this can be a rarest of a uncommon situation which includes hardly any danger for the mom, the danger of getting a untimely child extremely prevails, that too as a result of whereas one child could also be able to be born, the opposite one could be on the growing stage within the womb.

“Opt for a safer pregnancy. Especially the couples choosing to be parents through surrogacy should be more aware of its safe procedure,” talked about Dr Sehra.

“As far as its symptoms are concerned, the possibility of expecting twins can fall under this category as long as the process mentioned above has taken place and as an adult, we should responsibly know about our acts and their possible results,” mentioned Dr Sehra.

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