‘Didn’t care if people saw me as fat or thin’: Sara Ali Khan

What makes Sara Ali Khan relatable? Is it her cool and humorous social media posts? Or the truth that she brazenly talks about her struggles, largely with weight and well being? Four movies previous, Khan has a large fan-base already, and her likability issue comes from the truth that she is sort of frank in all of her interviews.

In her current interview with Elle India, due to this fact, the actor gave readers a glimpse of her private house and what goes on inside her thoughts. “I’ve never looked at myself as a celebrity. In fact, I do not like the word ‘star’. This elevation of people in my profession to a non-human status is not something I relate to,” she was quoted as saying.

Talking about what makes her relatable, the first-born little one of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh stated she was “a large girl while growing up”. “So somehow I developed a sense of self that has nothing to do with the way I looked and how I was perceived. I was happy within; I didn’t care if people saw me as fat or thin. I never measured myself like that. I am truly a simple, desi girl at heart. Maybe that’s what people relate with.”

She went on to say that neither does she like spending some huge cash, neither is she model aware in any respect. “I am happy in my salwar kameez from Sarojini Nagar and jhutis, than in brands that cost more than my monthly income.”

Among different issues, the 25-year-old actor additionally stated that she is “lucky enough to do things” that she actually enjoys. “I love studying, I love acting and I love dancing. So, any amount of hard work is never really hard work.”

Pandemic studying

While final 12 months was powerful for everybody, for the actor, it was a 12 months of studying. “One of the first things that the pandemic taught me is that ultimately the things you need to bring a smile to your face are much less. You don’t need a certain number of brands and films and covers. It’s those little things — sitting with your mother for a good cup of coffee or eating dal chawal. So, the first thing I’ve learnt is gratitude, lots of it. The second thing is to simply stop,” she stated within the interview.

The actor additionally appreciated her brother Ibrahim, and stated that he’s “the smarter one”. “It doesn’t seem like it, but he is… He is the one with more perception and I take his opinion on a lot of things. He is a guy of few words and his words matter a lot, and he matters a lot.”

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