How often should you apply sunscreen even when you are at home?

If there may be one skincare recommendation you have to religiously observe — it could be making use of sunscreen. It’s not us, even dermatologists say so. This is as a result of sunscreen not solely protects from the cruel UVA/B rays but additionally ensures the efficacy of the opposite skincare components it’s possible you’ll use since solar rays can oxidise and scale back the identical.

But, one should be sure that making use of sunscreen is just not solely the final step as a part of your routine but additionally that it’s utilized generously even when you’re at dwelling. Which brings us to the query — how usually ought to it’s re-applied?

Dermatologist Dr Jushya Sarin recenetly defined the identical in an Instagram publish.

Sunscreen should be re-applied even when you’re at dwelling. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

She mentioned that the final notion is to use sunscreen each two hours after you’ve gotten utilized the primary layer whenever you out are within the solar.

But why do we have to reapply?

She added that the solar doesn’t decompose the efficacy of the sunscreen however it’s our personal sweat and oil that breaks down the parts of the identical. “Oil secretion is a continuous process and your sweat glands are functional even when you are not sweating profusely,” she provides.

In order to be efficacious, sunscreen must kind a layer on the pores and skin. “So even if you don’t venture outside, most of us are still exposed to the sun’s rays through windows, light reflected on roofs, floors, walls and even furniture — even on overcast days.”

Thus, when the oil glands disrupt your sunscreen, you don’t want to go away it unprotected from the sunshine that’s seeping in, that’s the reason she mentioned, “the right thing to do is apply sunscreen after every 2-3 hours after the first application. To maintain the protective effect of the sunscreen, reapplication is necessary.”

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