Indian Railways Changes Schedules of Several Trains To Bandra Terminus Block

The terminal station and timings of some trains have been modified attributable to a block at Mumbai’s Bandra Terminus Railway Station. The Public Relations Officer of Ratlam Railway Division, Khemraj Meena, mentioned in an announcement that the arrival and departure occasions of some trains passing via the Ratlam Division of Western Railway have been modified because of the block at Bandra Terminus. Consequently, sure modifications have been made within the terminal stations of the trains.

With impact from 20 November 2022, practice quantity 12961 – Mumbai Central Indore Avantika Specific will go away Mumbai Central at its scheduled time of 8.55 pm. The arrival/departure timing of this practice has been modified from Navsari to Indore in order that it will possibly attain Indore 50 minutes sooner than the initially scheduled time of 9.55 hrs.

This practice will go away Ratlam division’s Dahod at 3.53 am, Meghnagar at 4.19 am, Thandla Street at 4.31 am, Bamnia at 4.56 am, Ratlam at 5.50 am, Khachrod at 6.19 am, Nagda at 6.38 am, Ujjain at 7.30 am, Dewas at 8.10 am and can attain Indore at 9.05 am.

Equally, practice quantity 12962 – Indore-Mumbai Central Avantika Specific will depart from Indore at 5.35 pm on 19 November 2022 as a substitute of 5.00 pm. The practice will run 35 minutes later than the scheduled time.

Prepare quantity 22934 – Jaipur-Bandra Terminus Superfast Specific, scheduled to depart from Jaipur on November 22, will arrive/depart Ratlam at (20.10/20.20) and Dahod (21.43/21.44).

Prepare Quantity 12926 – Amritsar-Bandra Terminus Specific is scheduled to run from Amritsar to Mumbai Central as a substitute of Bandra Terminus with impact from November 19. It would arrive at Mumbai Central as a substitute of Bandra Terminus at 14.55 hrs.

Prepare Quantity 12925 – Bandra Terminus Amritsar Specific will depart from Mumbai Central as a substitute of Bandra Terminus at 11.25 am with impact from November 21.

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