Housing Board demolishes unauthorised building in 2 homes of Indira Colony

THE CHANDIGARH Housing Board (CHB) demolished new “unauthorised” constructions in two homes at Chandigarh’s Indira Colony on Thursday. Officials mentioned a staircase and ‘chajjas’ projecting on public land. In each instances, challans to cease additional constructions and take away the contemporary violations have been issued in March and October final 12 months, however these weren’t complied with by the allottees.

CHB is computing price of demolitions, which might be recovered from the allottees and in case of its non-payment their allotment is liable to be canceled, it was mentioned.

“To ensure effective actions against fresh illegal/un-authorised constructions, the CHB is adopting zero tolerance policy. The Enforcement Squad is making daily inspections in all sectors to identify fresh violations/alterations and effective actions are taken in each of such case,” a press release issued by CHB mentioned.

On the spot, challans are being issued by the Enforcement Squad with the path to right away cease additional building and take away the identical. After issuance of challans, repeated inspections are carried out to see whether or not the additional constructions have been stopped.

Photographs of the contemporary constructions have been additionally taken.

“If further constructions are stopped and the allottee starts removing the violations, the CHB wait for three days before taking up the demolition work. If further constructions are not stopped, then demolition may be carried out immediately,” it was acknowledged.

In case of demolitions by CHB both instantly or after three days, price of demolition might be recovered from the allottee.

Though required precautions are taken throughout the demolition, there may be risk that adjoining buildings might get broken and in such occasion the allottee might be answerable for such additional injury to personal or adjoining models.

Additional constructions permitted in ‘need-based changes’ additionally can’t be began with out submission of required paperwork and acquiring permission from the Chandigarh Housing Board.

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