Delhi: Govt, private hospitals to reserve more Covid beds

To make more room for the rising variety of Covid-19 sufferers, the Delhi authorities Monday ordered 54 non-public hospitals and 11 authorities hospitals to extend the variety of beds generally wards and ICUs.

A complete of 1,540 beds have been added to the present energy within the 11 authorities hospitals whereas 2,598 basic beds have been added within the 54 non-public hospitals, as per the order. ICU beds with ventilator help have been augmented to 630 on the authorities hospitals, whereas 719 ICU beds have been added at non-public hospitals.

“In order to augment the bed capacity for Covid-19 patients, and at the same time to also ensure that treatment of non-Covid critical patients is not compromised, 54 large private hospitals having bed strength of 100 beds or more are directed to reserve at least 30% of their ICU bed capacity or double the occupancy as on April 5, whichever is higher, and 30% of their ward bed capacity or double the occupancy as on April 5, whichever is higher, for Covid-related treatment and display the revised Covid bed capacity (ICU & Ward) on Covid-19 data management portal, immediately,” said the order issued by RN Das, medical superintendent, nursing residence cell of the Delhi authorities.

This is the second such order within the final 5 days. On March 31, the Delhi authorities had added 230 ICU beds and 842 basic beds in 33 non-public hospitals in mild of the rise in day by day circumstances.

“Occupancy of Covid ICU and ward beds in the 33 private hospitals has markedly increased and the overall occupancy of Covid ICU beds and Covid ward beds in these hospitals on April 5 is 78% and 68%, respectively as per Covid-19 data management portal,” the order additional said.

At current, there are 6,880 beds earmarked for Covid-19 sufferers, out of which 3,126 are occupied. Critical-care amenities in a number of non-public hospitals are working full, as per the Delhi authorities’s Corona App.

With the resurgence in day by day circumstances, hospital administrations are as soon as once more pulling again workers from non-Covid areas to deploy them in Covid wards.

Talking in regards to the transition part, AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria stated “This is the biggest challenge we are facing in most hospitals. When the caseload decreased, we converted a lot of Covid areas into non-Covid areas. So, a lot of our hospital infrastructure and human resources went to non-Covid areas. There were many patients waiting for routine surgeries. Now, because of the surge, our Covid areas have started seeing huge admissions. We are pulling back people from non-Covid areas back into Covid areas. The challenge now is to strike a balance between Covid and non-Covid sections. For example, trauma cases cannot be restricted. During the lockdown, we had fewer trauma cases because of low traffic. Now traffic has returned to pre-Covid times.”

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