Pune: KEM Hospital doctors successfully remove glass piece from windpipe of 3-year-old girl

A group of docs at KEM Hospital in Pune efficiently eliminated a bit of glass caught in a three-year-old woman’s windpipe. The object was eliminated with inflexible bronchoscopy, offering a brand new lease of life to the kid.

Explaining the case, Dr Abhijit Benare, paediatric surgeon, stated, “When the girl was brought to the hospital by her parents, she was experiencing difficulty in breathing and had blood in her sputum. An X-Ray radiography indicated the presence of a radio opaque object in the wind pipe or trachea. As it was an emergency situation, we immediately took a decision to conduct a rigid bronchoscopy. A tubular structure was introduced into the trachea and with the help of special forceps… the object was grasped and taken out.”

Dr Benare added that the thing was a glass piece and was lined with blood, and due to this fact laborious to determine initially.

Senior paediatrician Dr Umesh Vaidya stated the process was high-risk one because the glass piece caught within the trachea was laborious to take away.

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“The hard edges of the glasses caused bleeding. Also, the procedure had to be done very skillfully so as to ensure there was no injury while taking it out,” he stated.

The woman was stored underneath remark for just a few days within the PICU to make sure there was no additional bleeding or issue in respiratory. The woman was discharged and is now doing nicely. Post surgical procedure, there might be some swelling of the windpipe or bleeding however as soon as the wound heals, there must be no additional issues, stated docs.

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