Northern Railway to Add 81 Coaches in 38 Pairs of Trains; Check List

The Northern Railways has briefly added 81 coaches to 38 pairs of trains. The choice comes after a heavy load of passengers on particular routes, resulting in a protracted ready record, was reported. The Northern Railways has determined so as to add these coaches to Jodhpur, Delhi, Bandra, Bikaner, Udaipur, Khajuraho, Ajmer, Dadar, Bhagat Ki Kothi, Shalimar, Jaipur, Bhopal, Gomti Nagar, Indore, and Bathinda rail routes.

Sources say that this addition might be a month-long train. The railways is urgent for a everlasting answer to this perennial drawback within the Northern Railways. The board of the Northern Railways has determined to name a young for further trains to run on the route.

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Trains to get short-term coaches:

Practice Quantity- 22481 and 22482, Jodhpur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jodhpur

Practice Quantity- 12479 and 12480, Jodhpur-Bandra Terminus-Jodhpur

Practice Quantity- 22471 and 22472, Bikaner-Delhi Sarai-Bikaner

Practice Quantity- 20473 and 20474 Delhi Sarai to Udaipur Metropolis to Delhi Sarai

Practice Quantity- 19666 and 19665, Udaipur Metropolis-Khajuraho-Udaipur Metropolis

Practice Quantity- 12990 and 12989 Ajmer to Dadar and the return journey to Ajmer

Practice Quantity- 20483 and 20484, Bhagat Ki Kothi to Dadar after which Bhagat Ki Kothi

Practice Quantity-14707 and 14708, Bikaner to Dadar after which Bikaner

Practice Quantity- 20971 and 20972 Udaipur Metropolis to Shalimar-Udaipur Metropolis

Practice Quantity- 12991 and 12992, Udaipur Metropolis to Jaipur- Udaipur Metropolis

Practice Quantity- 12996 and 12995, Ajmer to BandraTerminus and again to Ajmer

Practice Quantity- 19711 and 19712, Jaipur – Bhopal – Jaipur

Practice Quantity- 19715 and 19716, Jaipur – Gomti Nagar (Lucknow) – Jaipur

Practice Quantity- 14801 and 14802, Jodhpur to Indore-Jodhpur

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