Irrational war on drugs, destruction of the Amazon, expose humanity’s failures, Colombia’s Petro tells UN |

Mr. Petro described his nation as some of the lovely and nature-rich on the earth however mentioned that blood additionally flowed into its rivers and biodiversity.

He defined that violence within the rainforest was fuelled by the prosecution of the sacred plant of the Incas: the coca plant.

“As in a paradoxical crossroads. The forest that needs to be saved is on the similar time being destroyed. To destroy the coca plant, they throw poisons resembling glyphosate that drips into our waters, they arrest their cultivators after which imprison them,” he said.

He added that destroying the Amazon has seemingly turn out to be the slogan of some States and negotiators and he denounced such “save the jungle speech” as hypocritical.

“The jungle is burning, gents, whilst you wage struggle and play with it. The jungle, the climatic pillar of the world, disappears with all its life. The good sponge that absorbs the planetary CO2 evaporates. The jungle is our saviour, however it’s seen in my nation because the enemy to defeat, as a weed to be extinguished,” he underscored.

Mr. Petro highlighted that whereas the developed world let the rainforest burn as an excuse for the struggle towards medicine, it additionally requested for extra oil, “to calm their different dependancy” to consumption, energy and cash.

“What’s extra toxic for humanity, cocaine, coal or oil? The opinion of energy has ordered that cocaine is poison and should be persecuted, whereas it solely causes minimal deaths from overdoses…however as an alternative, coal and oil should be protected, even when it could possibly extinguish all humanity,” he mentioned, including that such reasoning was “unjust and irrational”.

“The offender of drug dependancy will not be the rainforest; it’s the irrationality of the world’s energy. Give a blow of purpose to this energy. Activate the lights of the century once more”, he urged.

The President mentioned that the struggle towards medicine has lasted over 40 years, and it has not been received.

“By hiding the reality, they’ll solely see the rainforest and democracies die. The struggle on medicine has failed. The combat towards the local weather disaster has failed,” he famous.

Mr. Petro then demanded, talking within the title of all of Latin-America, the tip of the “irrational struggle towards medicine”.

“Decreasing drug use does require wars, it wants us all to construct a greater society: a extra supportive, extra affectionate society, the place the that means of life saves us from addictions… Would you like fewer medicine? Consider incomes much less and giving extra love. Consider a rational train of energy”, he advised world leaders.

Mr. Petro additionally addressed the local weather catastrophe and the displacement it causes, saying that wars had been solely excuses to not act towards it.

“The local weather catastrophe that can kill lots of of tens of millions of individuals will not be being attributable to the planet, it’s being attributable to capital. By the logic of consuming an increasing number of, producing an increasing number of, and for some incomes an increasing number of”, he mentioned.

The Colombian President added that throughout the fires and poisoning of the Amazon rainforest was embedded a “failure of humanity”.

“Behind cocaine and drug dependancy, behind oil and coal dependancy, there may be the true dependancy of this part of human historical past: the dependancy to irrational energy, revenue and cash. That’s the enormous lethal equipment that may extinguish humanity”, he defined.

Mr. Petro urged a dialogue with Latin-America to finish the struggle, saying it was “time for peace”.

“Solely in peace we are able to save life in our land. There might be no peace with out social, financial and environmental justice. We’re at struggle with the planet too. With out peace with the planet, there might be no peace amongst nations,” he concluded.

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