What made Ravi Shastri call Suryakumar Yadav’s six off Daniel Sams as the shot of the match?

“Shot of the match bhai!” Ravi Shastri cooed, solely he, as is his wont, pronounced bhai as bye when Suryakumar Yadav ran down the monitor to the pacer Daniel Sams and hit a again of size ball on the up and over long-off. Fairly a shocking hit that, and introduced up reminiscences of Sachin Tendulkar sashaying down the pitch and slamming Glen McGrath for a six and a 4 off considerably comparable balls to long-off boundary in that well-known duel at Nairobi 22 years again.

Even three days again for that matter, Sachin Tendulkar was doing it on the Street Security World Sequence: although he hit a short-of-length ball from Chris Tremlett over long-on. Now, long-off is one other factor altogether. And although Sams is not any McGrath, the ball was a contact harder. Because it was a tad extra again of size and rose that contact extra even after Surya had rushed down the monitor.

Additionally, Tendulkar had a barely higher approach for that six off McGrath (one flew for a six, and the opposite blurred throughout for a 4). When he was down the pitch, he would get his bat a bit extra horizontal that allowed him management and smash the rising ball that significantly better. Like a forehand down the road, if you’ll.

Surya, no less than at this time, hadn’t had the bat tilted the SRT approach. His was extra standard, a form of downward batswing as one would do to a fuller pitch ball. The hazard with such a shot to a shortish ball is that you just would possibly find yourself getting the elevation reasonably than distance and gap out to deep mid-on. However someway he managed it to get the space as properly and that’s why maybe Shastri was singing on air.

One other distinction to the Tendulkar six in Nairobi was that the McGrath ball hadn’t bounced as a lot as Sams’s. The 4 ball was fairly comparable top, rising whilst Tendulkar made contact however the six actually made contact with the toe-end of the bat. Additionally, Tendulkar’s was extra thrilling as he had danced down the monitor; Surya’s is extra composed cautious positioning of the physique; he did transfer down however didn’t advance as a lot because the marauding Tendulkar.

Surya has this talent to carry his form even when he’s charging down the monitor. Sachin definitely had it in fact, the steadiness tended to be abnormally good, however on his day Surya is ready to match that.

Most of his pictures come from the calculated ‘shape-holding’ T20 ebook of batting. Maintain form, stretch the higher physique, lengthen the arms to its fullest, try to take care of steadiness even at that tipping over level – and wham. More often than not, it comes right down to the best way he positions himself in a shot.

Secondly, even when his palms go the total distance as he stays with the shot, utterly ending it, stretching the post-impact extension of arms to its fullest, he’s extremely in a position to maintain his form. It’s one factor to do when he’s standing at his stance however one other factor altogether when he does it after marching down the pitch to a pacer.

The danger on this six off Sams was as famous, skying it straight up however someway he saved the excessive elbow agency and punched it with the regulation downward bat swing.

The batting coach Vikram Rathour, a really fantastic home participant who by no means fairly made it at worldwide stage, as soon as caressed a six off Shaun Pollock that had even Tendulkar, the non-striker, flip to gape on the trajectory of the six. Rathour had leaned ahead a contact and wafted his bat on the up and thru the road of a short-of-length supply over long-on. It was in all probability the very best shot of his profession towards a pacer. However Surya did it after transferring down the pitch and over long-off.

Now, why do we are saying it’s simpler over long-on. Simply watch Tendulkar six the opposite day towards Tremlett. When a batsman isn’t as much as the pitch and the ball rises up from in need of size, he can flex his wrist to journey the bounce and go throughout the road, if you’ll like a tennis forehand cross courtroom. But when he chooses to go together with the road of the outside-off ball, over long-off, it’s tough to journey the bounce.

That’s why Tendulkar well would tilt his bat a contact extra horizontally to whack the ball on its head, reasonably than come down and up like Surya did. However extremely, Suryakumar Yadav managed to unfurl the shot and get Shastri stressing his bhai.

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